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As a Full-Stack Engineer at the Texas Tribune between 2022 to 2023, I played a central role in enhancing and maintaining the Tribune's website, content management system and related digital products. In total, I led the architecture, design, and implementation of more than a dozen major features and improvements.

Those contributions include:

  • A major redesign of the Texas Tribune's newsletter subscription page, providing a sleeker design and new security features to better mitigate spambot signups.
  • Spearheading a collaboration with external engineers to add AI-driven story recommendations for site visitors, saving Tribune reporters and editors hundreds of hours of time annually that was spent curating recommendations manually.
  • Overseeing the implementation of a major feature that allowed reporters and editors to securely import content from a Google Doc directly into the Tribune's content management system.
  • Frontend enhancements that bolstered the core website's Lighthouse score by more than 10 points, ensuring it remained one of the most performant news websites in the country.
  • Rebuilding and expanding the core website's structured data to optimize SEO and conform with the standards of the Trust Project.
  • Major refactoring efforts of legacy Python and Javascript across the Tribune's codebase, significantly reducing tech debt and poising the organization's digital products for future growth.

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